The most important person at camp is the camper! Camp Wyandot Directors and Assistant directors stress importance on doing our best to meet the needs of your child. It is our goal to provide a memorable summer camp experience!

Therefore, each counselor is interviewed by the Director and, when possible, the Assistant Director and is required to pass a background check prior to employment with Camp Wyandot.

The next step in the process of preparing counselors to care for your child is training. From dawn until dusk, for ten days, counselors go through a structured training program leading up to the first week of Camp.

The training of counselors includes all aspects of daily camp life. In other words, each counselor will have a first-hand opportunity to experience everything we do at camp. They will all have a chance to learn and teach all the camp activities.

Additionally, our staff training will include a session on diversity and behavior management which includes how to deal with challenging children, conflict resolution, and homesickness among other topics.

In short, the following areas are part of Staff Training for the 2021 season:
Counselor Roles/Responsibilities
Emergency Protocol
Meal setup in Dining Hall*
Singing and leading songs
Camp Wyandot and Wyandotte Native American History
Archery Certification
Morning Mile
Polar Bear Swim
Preparing for Bedtime
Flag Raising/Lowering
Fire Building Skills and cookouts
First Aid
Trail First Aid
Water Safety
Down Time Management
Team Building
Counselor-in-Training Program/Expectations
Outdoor Living Skills
Sensory Awareness Night Hike
Orienteering & Geocaching
Council Fire and Reflections
Registration Process/Meet and Greet the Parents and Campers
Lunch Hike
Knife Safety
and more…