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Summer Camp Customer Review for Camp Wyandot

“We would come back next year because you can have a blast and make new friends.”

“Wants to stay a full week”

“Wants to do wohelo trails.”

“Wants to be a CIT. Already has her name picked out.”

“Wants to be a CIT. She’s been going there for 5 years and it will always be a highlight of both my kids childhood memories.”

“Too long of a period.”
Camp Wyandot Response: We have a Mini-Trails program available for younger campers who are not ready to stay an entire week.

“They really like the counselors and they enjoy seeing all their friends from the previous summer.”

“They had a great time.”

“The magic! The beautiful setting, the love of the counseling staff, the songs, the bullfrogs…”

“The counselors were so nice and it is awesome.”

“She wants to come back next year because she had a fantastic time and getting to spend it with her friends was even better.”

“She loves it there, she always talks about how much she misses it and can’t wait to go back.”

“She loved it, great time, new friends and experiences”

“She just loves to go away to camp.”

“She had a great experience, tons of fun, and memories. She is looking forward to meeting new friends and have new experiences next year and each year there after. She also cant wait to sleep in the tree cabins, lol!”

“She always has a great time.”

“Meet up with camper friends; he wants to become counselor”

“Loved it!”

“Its talked about all year …She looks forward to it”

“It was fun It feels great to have younger people look up to me in a positive way rather than literally looking up to me.”

“He would like to come back because he had fun and liked Wyandot.”

“He says it’s awesome and loves sleeping in the bunk beds in the cabins.”

“He said he is glad he had the experience but he’d rather not swim that much.”

“He loves everything about Camp Fire especially Camp Wyandot and Camp Otonwe”

“He loved being a CIT!”

“He hated sleeping there”
Camp Wyandot Response: Many campers experience a big transition to sleeping in our screened cabins without air conditioning, music, electricity, etc. Most of them come to love falling asleep to the sound of bullfrogs croaking along the shores of the lake.

“He enjoyed all the activity and the independence of being away from Mom and Dad. He had good things to say about all the counselors.”

“He always had something to occupy him….”

“Had so much fun.”


“Fun and Friends.”

“Because it’s his favorite camp.”

“Because camp was fun.”

“At camp Wyandot you are able to be yourself without the fear of not being accepted. It gives you a chance to explore the beautiful nature that grows in Ohio.”

“Because, why wouldn’t I want to go back?”