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Would you recommend Camp Wyandot to a friend?

Summer Camp Parent Review for Camp Wyandot
(39 people responded yes and zero responded no.)

“As parents, we felt that each and every staff member was trustworthy, and the excitement that we saw from all of the camp staff as we first dropped off our camper was awesome! The scheduled activities during camp were a huge plus.”

“You meet a lot of new people and learn a lot of new skills. Its fun to get away from the city for a while and be outside.”

“We’ve been happy with all of the counselors. Never had a bad experience. The activities have a good range. The setting is nice. We like the campfire philosophy. We think co-ed makes it a better experience. Nature is very important for kids!!!”

“We already have. We love the “back to nature” aspect of the camp. Especially no technology – TV, video games, computers etc. It’s hard to get kids outside to enjoy nature with all the distractions offered inside. Our son is also learning self reliance.”

“This is our son’s 3rd year; he loves it and always has a good experience.”

“Some of my friends need to learn how great it can be if there wasn’t any electronics around.”

“She would have even more fun with close friends around.”

“Other people will enjoy it.”

“No other camp like it out there.”

“Loved back to nature type of activities, not too far away.”

“Love it!!!”

“It is fun to come with a friend because you can chat and have fun with old friends and make new friends.” 

“It is beautiful and seemed to run in an organized manner. All the camp workers were very pleasant during drop off and pick up.”

“I would recommend Camp Wyandot to a friend because I think that if she had a good time then they would too because her friends are so much like her.”

“He said he has already told several friends that they need to go next year.”

“Great location and just to hear the kids talk about their experiences at camp is great. But I would suggest getting a larger sign (the one off the main road) next year.”

“Good experience Good activities, kept kids busy, good food!”

“For over 80 years Campy Wyandot has been introducing kids to nature – and it shows. Everything is managed *very* well. Check in/Checkout are very smooth, minimal paperwork. Kids seem to enjoy the food and the counselors.”

“Excellent caring staff, campers were eager at drop off and very reluctant at pick up! That says a lot.”

“Everyone I have talked to who knows anything about Camp Wyandot has nothing but good comments. I shared a picture of my daughter doing the flag raising on Facebook and a friend of a friend couldn’t help but reply, “I went there for 10 years as a kid.””

“Coming back next year with his sister who went to Girl Scout camp this year!”

“Because it was fun.”

“Because it is awesome.”

“Because Camp Wyandot is AWESOME!!!”


“At camp Wyandot you get to know people from all over Ohio, and during this past year people from another county and other states…it is a great place to have a new start.”